Talent Constellations

Relevant publication: The Moral Field – Constellations work from a moral perspective

Talent Development

Talent development implies that it is possible to attain an authentic stance in life: every human being has original potential that allows him or her to make a difference. Talent as such can be considered as the psychological capital of a person, as the expression of somebody’s most profound self, with his options, passions and ambitions.

Tussentijd Talentopstellingen

Development of talent does not solely deal with acquiring cognitive competencies and training of skills, it encompasses the development of the whole person. This enables to draw on deeper layers of the personality: qualities, convictions, identity and sincere involvement.
Qualities manifest themselves in what you can do, convictions in your beliefs, identity in your self image and involvement in what drives you to do something in the first place.

All these layers influence behaviour, but they don’t always collaborate constructively. Certain convictions for instance can inhibit development (“I may wish for that, but I know I can never attain such a thing”). However, when these layers show high coherency one can experience flow.

Talent development considers the interdependent alignment of different layers of the personality to allow somebody to achieve his personal goals and ideals.

Talent Constellations

What are your ambitions and ideals?
What are the talents that allow you to distinguish yourself?
Where do you stand now and where would you like to go?

Talent Constellations is an innovative method to orient oneself to one’s talent. A talent constellation can be seen as the topography of our ideals and qualities. The method enables you to explore and map the relationship between your ambitions and personal qualities. It allows you to put yourself on your own map: Where are you now? Where would you like to go? How do you get there?

Orienting ourselves with respect to our identity and moral values is crucial for being able to make suitable decisions. The more you are connected with the things you value, the greater the chances that you will achieve what you strive for.

Brenda Vos

About Brenda Vos

What characterizes me is my ability to approach people with an open, attentive and investigative manner. I enjoy exploring the realm where creativity, clear reasoning, humour and profound thoughts meet.
Capoeira (A Brazilian martial art/dance) is a passion of mine that allows me to express myself in its combination of physical exercise, play and music. It is an important source of inspiration for shaping my work.

I work as an independent professional advising on organizational ethics, personal development and moral reflection. I teach at the Honours Classes of Utrecht University and am associated with the University of Amsterdam as educational programme developer in medical ethics (www.moralmap.com). I research and publish my findings about talent development from a systemic perspective.

I am interested in getting in touch with fellow researchers from different disciplines that are currently or would like to be contributing to scientific research into the theory, social implications, applications and methodology of constellations.